About Us


To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over communities, throughout Estcourt KwaZulu Natal and its surroundings, Africa and the rest. Drawing to God; adults, youth and children with the help of our Almighty God committing all our resources, breaking down the devil strongholds. (Empty hell and fill the Heaven).


By the development and establishment of inspired leadership and management within a dynamic functional structure and actions to: –

  • develop and strengthen a Christ-centered evangelical character and stewardship in the assembly.

  • take care of the spiritual and temporal needs of the members of the assembly.

  • empower the members, individually and corporately, to use their talents and calling in the service of the Church of Jesus Christ and in the community so that people will commit themselves to Jesus Christ and reach their full life-potential.


Our Values

Core Values OR Principles:

  • Prayer

  • Humility

  • Respect

  • Leadership

  • Transparency

  • Integrity

  • Accountability

  • Excellence


Since all churches were and are still founded for the purpose of winning souls to the Kingdom of Heaven, the same happened with AFM Rock of Mercy Center church in Estcourt KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Apostolic Faith Mission Pastor R.S Ngidi had a dream to evangelise the people of KwaZulu Natal, Southern Africa, and the whole world. Immediately after he was placed in Pietermaritzburg region in 1962 by leaders of the church, he fasted and prayed for 40 days without food and water, praying for the vision he had for the church. From that time the great campaign of crusades started. He organized the tents, teams of youth, and sent pastors to Bible Colleges for this dream to come to pass.

In 1980 Pastor R S Ngidi negotiated with Pastor J Hlongwane , they both agreed on erecting a tent at the village called Loskop (Emangweni) under the tribal authority of King Siphiwe Mazibuko. Prior to the crusade young women, Nontethelelo Khumalo and Thembi Vilakazi who were part of the crusade team started preaching in schools and visited houses during afternoons. In February 2, 1981 the tent for a crusade was finally erected in one of the villages called Nkomokazini with the great help of Mr B J Sithole, who was one of the successful school principals in the Loskop Village.

Pastor R S Ngidi, Pastor B J Ngcobo and the team (Thembi Vilakazi, Verah Mbotho, Dumisani Viscount Cele) preached the gospel of Jesus to the people of God in the area. Signs and wonders took place where blind people received their sight and many other miracles were witnessed. The tent was at a later stage moved to the other part of the area called Emqedandaba where Pastor B J Ngcobo led the team. The crusade continued for a month. People gave their lives to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Even though the crusade was a success, but they came across difficulties. A few being the lack of food to eat, money to buy basic needs, they were also faced with physical and witchcraft attacks – but with God on their side who stood up with them up they continued until the end of the crusade.

Pastor R S Ngidi appointed Pastor DV Cele to remain behind to continue with the work of God that had started. He started with the youth of eight and one adult, 9 church members in total. Church meetings were first held at Mr Mlangeni’s house. At that time Pastor Cele was not married yet, but he got married the same year marrying Thamie Dorothy Mthethwa from Glencoe Township in July 1981.

Together with his wife they took the challenge of evangelizing the whole village and planned evening house meetings with a great achievement. Some adults received their salvation and became full members of the church. The church was registered in Pretoria as the Assembly of Apostolic Faith Mission which was known as AFM Loskop Assembly. At that time they were living in great fear with no place to stay and were being attacked. Pastor DV Cele was beaten and kicked when he had just finished preaching which led to attackers stabbing each other thinking that they were stabbing him. All that contributed to them living in fear to the church members.

By the grace of the Lord they became united with new believers who loved them and gave them respect. They were willing to work with Pastors DV & TD Cele at any time. These new believers were taught how to pray and fast and believe God for answered prayers. They were taught how to live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.

The first group of assembly were, to mention a few, starting with females: Norah Mnculwane Ngcobo, who was always with Pastors DV & TD Cele and even during their difficult time when their first child had passed away in the middle of the night. This woman was with them and went with them to Ndwedwe to bury a baby boy together with Mrs Mnculwane and Mrs Mlangeni in Pastor Hlongwane’s car. Other females were Nonhlanhla Mazibuko, Lindiwe Mazibuko, Ligah Mngomezulu, Maureen Mntambo Mbongwa, Alindi Mngomezulu, Nomvula Mngomezulu, Nelisiwe Mkhwanazi Ndlovu, Lindie Mlangeni, Dumisile Gumede, Julia Ngcobo, Nokuthemba Zikalala , Phumele Mayisela, Jane Hadebe, Mrs Thembekile Mnculwane, Mrs Ernest Mlangeni, Mrs Lucy Mlangeni, Mrs Mavis Gumede, Mrs Doris Sithole. Males were Samson Ndlovu, Doctor Mlangeni, Mr Ernest Mlangeni, Denis Zwane, Mr Alfred Mnculwane, Amos Ngcobo. There was a second group, third group, forth group, etc up until now people were and are still giving their lives to Jesus. Some of these brethren backslid but praise God some came back and repented.

There was and still a lot of work to be done. They were travelling on foot, some distances of 30km. At that time no one had a car. One young man from Zululand (Simon Mgabhi) joined the church and he had a car. The second car belonged to Mr Alpheos Mnculwane. They finally found the church site from one of the church members by the name of Margaret Zikalala and they built a three room house. They believed God for a breakthrough and they started their church building. Before that they tried to make some mud blocks, some of which were destroyed by the rain.

Unemployment was a major problem for many people in the area. Some of the youth were hired by the KwaZulu Shoe factory and started paying their tithes. One of the members, Mrs Doris Sithole was touched by the Holy Spirit and became a raven of God to feed the man of God and his family. As time went on, church members who worked as teachers in their careers started to understand the culture of bringing tithes to the house of the Lord. Because of that the church was then able to buy ash blocks for church building.

The church grew by the grace of God and the church hall was built at Ecwaka Village. The assembly hosted a big Passover Conference in 1984 where they managed to feed 4000 people. As the church was hungry for God they taught themselves to pray on the mountain called Phasiwe for two weeks without food. And the Pastor used to go to the Drakensburg Mountains to search for the face of the God through prayer and fasting and ended up bringing some few men with him to go to pray on the mountain.

When they went to the same mountain one time there was drought in the land for about three months. After a few days water was no more across all close rivers. They tested God and His water. At midnight water started to fill in the kettle they had brought to the mountain. When the Pastor was busy waking up two men namely Zwelisha Mfuphi and Maxwel Zondi whom he was with on the mountain the kettle was becoming full. They praised God for fulfilling His promises and for His faithfulness. The drought was no more in area.

In the years between 1994 and 1996 there was a time when the devil tried to devour the whole people of Estcourt especially in the Loskop area, by riots of political differences. The church and the Pastor with his family were situated in the middle of the battlefield and sometimes fighters would come inside the church site and try to shoot each other. One day they even entered the church service, wanting to kill church members whom they suspected were involved in some political organisation. God was with his children because no one was hurt. During the night they went to the Pastor’s home and asked for Pastor’s car keys. They threatened to break the door and kill all his children if he would not give them car keys. They were carrying AK 47, revolver and other fire arms. His wife insisted that he must give them what they wanted. The Pastor finally gave them the car keys. But by God’s grace SAPS traced the car and found it near an area called Weenen without any damage.

Because of these riots, about 40% of their church members moved to different places. This political violence affected the church negatively, even financially. The church learned the system of talents fundraising. The church survived by the grace of God and it is pressing on in preaching the Gospel of Jesus to where people are.

Pastors DV & TD Cele of the church who had a great vision to see God changing the lives of people, kept on praying, fasting and reading the word of God. They used to visit other Pastors who were successful in the country in ministry within the Apostolic Faith Mission and outside the AFM. The Pastor and his wife worked closely together visiting places like United States of America – California, Los Angeles, Nigeria and Israel looking for new ideas and searching for new direction of the Holy Spirit.

The change of the name from AFM Loskop Assembly was a result of the growing of the church beyond the bounders of Loskop. It spread to other Tribal Authorities such as Amahlubi Tribal Authority, to Estcourt, Colenso, Winterton, Durban, Johannesburg, now proceeding to Zimbambwe and Eastern Cape. The suitable new name became AFM Rock of Mercy Centre Church. The name is the confirmation from God who gave water from the Rock of the Cave of Drakensberg Mountains where the Pastor went to pray with two other men. God is full of grace. He is merciful to all who need His help at all times.

The church has successfully raised and released four full time ordained Pastors namely Pastor Sam Ndlovu, Pastor Ernest Mlangeni, Pastor Denis Zwane and Pastor Manfred Sangweni. They are now in the field of God’s work. And others are still going to the bible schools. Different departments played a big role in the church growth namely: Sisters Fellowship department which function autonomously, Youth department, Children Ministry, department of Teenagers, and Welfare department. These departments are very important for church growth. The church is using tent campaigns to hold revivals around Estcourt and surroundings, moving outside KwaZulu Natal. Evangelism team within the church is capable of taking that responsibility.

The church loves all people of God as it is the duty to serve them with the good news of the Lord Almighty. The church always fights for peace and stability where it is necessary. Pastors DV & TD Cele are so grateful to God for honouring them with such a wondering blessing of faith to minister the Kingdom of Heaven to His people. They believe that all those who were able to receive the word of God will be honoured by God Almighty and enjoy the everlasting life with the King of kings, Jesus Christ for ever and ever. Amen. “Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit,’ said the Lord.” [Zachariah 4:6. ]

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